I quit Banker's Life and Casualty 3 months ago, now I owe them money?

I recently got a letter in the mail from Bankers saying that I owed them over $1,000 in commissions paid but unearned. It says that I am to remit them that amount within 30 days or they will turn me over to a collection agency.
I worked for Banker's (in the field for about a month and a half or so. I quit because I did not like the cold calling, telemarketing, poor lead system, lying and misleading people, and my training was horrible. Now, 3 months later they are wanting money out of me? The letter included a statement that I can barely make sense of. I earned $1,700 in my time there, now they want over $1,000 of it back? That leaves me with about $600 for more than a month! That's not even minimum wage. The statements show the policies that were cancelled or lapsed or whatever, but how can I be sure of that? How do I know that the agent that was training me didn't write them a new policy (illegal) to take my name off of it. The statement also says that I was paid for a policy ......
There are a lot of televisions stations that might want to help you with this, its a great story. I would contact channel 2, 4, and 7 its basically fraud.

See what they say, if anything they might know where to send you.
I have been in similar circumstances. I left a company and was told I owed money based on leads and cancelled policies. I disputed some of their statements and was able to settle for less than what they said I owed. If you can contact some of the insureds they say cancelled, you may be able to find out if they indeed cancelled or were replaced. Otherwise, you can contact the home office and work out a payment plan. Sorry, but you will eventually have to pay.
A tough lesson from the School of Hard Knocks.
If it sounds too good to be true (big salary), it probably is!

You likely do owe them for the time and money commitment they made in training you and you leaving before their 'investment' in you was paid off.

This will teach you to ask really tough questions about how realistic the earning potential is and how to find out EXACTLY how you will be compensated BEFORE you take a job, even if the money sounds great.
Sounds like you were set up to sell insurance on a straight commission basis, with a draw. What happens is, whatever you sell, you get the commissions off of. When you don't sell "enough", you can "draw" against future commissions, but you have to pay it back.

Also, when companies pay you, they tend to pay you based on the annual premium, at the time the policy is issued. If there are changes made to the policies, or if the policies cancel for nonpayment (or bad checks), that adjustment gets added into/taken from the next commission statement.

It's not an uncommon arrangement with insurance companies.

If you don't believe that policies were actually cancelled, contact the insured and ask them; however, I'd bet you dollars to donuts that the commission statements are correct.

Something else you see is, cost of training charges. If you go in there and they train you & pay for your licensing, and you quit within a certain specified period of time, you sometimes have to reimburse them for licensing fees and training courses. You need to refer to your original employment agreement to see if that applies to you.