I know I can still use 1880 1cent stamps but what is the value of them If there is any? There are about 15.?

They have not been used and have a stagecoach on them.
Are they mostly white with "Omnibus 1880s" on the top and the word "Madison" in tiny letters on the vehicle? If so, they were actually issued in the 1980s honoring transportation of the 1880s, and the best thing to do with them is use them for postage.

Exception: if one of the stamps has a very tiny "3" or "4" on the bottom, then a strip of 5 stamps with the numbered stamp in the middle is worth slightly more than face value - maybe 40c-50c, if you find someone who wants them.

BTW the U.S. did not issue any stamps in the 1880s except ones with men's faces on them.
Don't use them!!

I'm not sure of the term for stamp collectors but you could check your yellow pages for numismatic (coin collectors) and ask them if they know of someone who's collecting stamps...

Google stamp collecting... I'm sure you'll find many websites to cover the topic... You may even be able to find a current value for your specific stamps...


Look on ebay to see what they are worth, or list them on ebay, with a really really high reserve, to see how high the bidding gets.
you would have to do some research to find the exact one ( maybe its part of a collection). Heres some stamps around that time. Then I would go to a stamp colletion website. Its called wikipedia my friend. You might luck out and get a collector on here but really....usually you just gotta look it up.

Oh yea i wouldn't use them