How much does it cost for 1,000,000.00 coverage for General Liability Insurance?

Depends on what kind of work you do and what your gross payroll is. I wrote a $1,000,000 Gen Liab policy today for a painter at a cost of $1300 annually, another one for a carpenter for $1800 annual premium, but they both have very low payroll data. Check your Yellow Pages and call an Indpendent Insurance Agent, you can bring back a free, no obligation quote. But be prepared and own your payroll and gross annual receipts figures equipped.

Other Answers:
a lot
Varies by the type of company that you hold. In the state of Pennsylvania I usually write it for about $550 a year.
Depending on what other coverage you own it can be less that $200 per year. My insurance company did require me to up my coup¨¦ liablility coverage and homeowners. I have 2 Million umbrella policy and it is costs a bit over $200 and as expected the extra cost for the increased coverage on the car and house.

I imagine it is a great purchase for the piece of mind it gives us.

We live contained by Texas
It depends on what state you live in and what type of business you are running. In Oregon it is relatively expensive compared to some other states.
It depends on the type of business and your location. 1 mill is usually the serious cov.