How long can a doctor's office bill you?

ok. i had infertility treatments fully a year ago that were covered by my insurance, but some parts were not covered, and so i have paid for those. however, it seems that i am now being re-billed for the same things that i have already paid for. initially i had a lot of trouble simply getting them to submit the claims to the insurance, and some were denied because they submitted them so late. they said they would "eat" those bills. hmmmm.... but are they now billing me for them instead?
in addition, the supervisor of billing has told me many times that i am paid in full. so why do bills keep coming?
i think that there are two possibilities for this:
1. insurance may have initially covered some things and now backed out
2. i am being double-billed.
is there any way i can get this checked out by someone more official? like a patient advocate? an insurance ombudsman?
thanks for any help.
This is someting that you can do yourself. Get a letter from someone from the doctors office that the bill has been paid in full. Then when you get the bill again send a copy of the letter and they will see that the account has been paid in full. Always keep records of who you spoke with and what time and the date and what the conversation was about.
Get copies of what your insurance company paid. They keep copies and will send them to you. Then fiind where you paid for your share of the bills. Take all this down to the doctor's office and ask them to check, double check and see just what you are being billed for that was supposed to already be paid.

Don't try to handle these things by phone. Go down to the doctor's office, in person, and talk to the insurance person. It just might be a big mis-understanding or just bad accounting. I had problems, like that in the past, and all have been solved by good communications. Just have what was paid and what you paid in black and white.

By the way....doctors and hospitals (or their financial people) can "mark off" bills IF they want to. Pops
call and complain, get your lawyer and take there * to court
Forever. What are you going to do? I am routinely charged for office visits which never happenned. If you don't pay they ding your credit report. Don't get me started on doctors. Shakespeare, if writing today, would have said kill the doctors first....then the lawyers!
Sometimes the insurance company would negotiate the price, which means if the bill was $500, they may have a schedule that would reduce the charge to $400. If the insurance co is supposed to pay 80%, you are only liable for 20% of $400 and not of $500. I noticed in several occasions, the billing dept of the doc office hadn't adjusted the bill and kept billing me for difference. The best thing to do is to gather all your insurance statement and their bills and go through items one by one with somebody. It may take a several months though.
Someone hasn't done their job---most billing today is done through a computerized system and as long as there is a amount showing as owed the computer will automatically generate a bill on the set billing date of the month-its simply a matter that someone in the doctor's office has neglected to tell the computer that you are paid in full. Call the Supervisor up and tell her/him that you are receiving a monthly bill and this is a great inconvenience to you. I'm sure you've kept all the billing info esp where the insurance paid and whatever you paid---Also since this Supervisor is telling you that you are paid in full you need to insist that you get a statement/bill showing that you are paid in full. You also need to record-can do on the bill directly-the date,time and name of the supervisor that you'll speak with and a brief expl of conversation such as --says that I'm paid in full. If you don't have the insurance payment records anymore-call and get them--It is always wise to keep payment yours and insurance for approx 6mos to 1 year---this does not apply to utility-can discard payment when you get the next bill. This has happened to me and why I've learned to keep records Good Luck
My mom got a bill a few years ago for a circumcision on my 35 year old SISTER that was performed when she was born. Guess there isn't a statute of limitations or just cause for a bill.
1. Get it in writing from the supervisor that you are paid in full.

2. Get a copy of the bills that were paid, from your insurance company.

3. Get a full, detailed accounting list of treatments and charges, from the office.

4. Get a marker, and cross off the things that are listed under #2, on #3.

5. Get your cancelled checks, and cross off those payments, from #3.

6. The doctor's office can bill you for the rest, until you pay. Absolutely forever, unless you declare bankruptcy.

You don't need someone else to do this for you, it's perfectly do-able yourself, it just takes a little legwork. If ya want to hire me, I charge $20 an hour, and require four hours payment in advance.


Just call your health insurance company directly. (The doctor office will not be able to help you). If you call your health insurance company talk to the claims department and explain your situation. I have had numerous problems with my claims too that I paid them and they are still billing me again, many times they bill you again because the claim may have not been processed yet and the billing agency is not aware of the payment yet, so many times you can ignore the statement. Call your health insurance claims department and they will help you. (Make sure you get their name, extension (if any), date of the call, and also ask them for a confirmation number)

Hope I helped.