Help passing Michigan P & C licensing exam...?

I just started an internship at an insurance agency. They are willing to pay for my books, and the test as long as I pass the Michigan P & C licensing exam. Are the books going to be enough? How many hours should I set aside for studying? If anyone has taken the exam, and has any advice that would be excellent. Thank you
Books should be enough. Good luck studying!
Theoretically, the books are enough, HOWEVER, I'd strongly recommend doing as much as you can with the books, and THEN taking one of the three day cram courses offered by . . your agency probably belongs to it, and might offer to pay for it. IF they won't, you can apply to your local office for a scholarship - a lot of them offer scholarships, and no one knows it, so they don't usually get many applications.

I would ALSO take as many practice exams as possible. You can find a free one here . . . but you have to do it all at once, you can't download it a second time.

The questions are very, very tricky, many end in "EXCEPT" or "BUT", so you have to read all the answers thoroughly before picking one. Regarding studying . . . I'd go through the books twice. It might take you 20 hours, it might take you 50. Then I'd do the cram course, DAYS before you take the test. You don't want to do that too far in advance.


Books should be enough. Make sure you set aside a lot of time for studying. Also, make sure that you take one of the cram courses available and take the test right after you take the course.