Pipe burst within my condo and flooded my condo and condo below me. What presently?

Last night I come home to a disaster. My condo flooded and caused vandalize to the condo below me. I don't have insurance that covers this. What is the standard procedure next to something like this? Will my neighbor's insurance cover the spoil to his condo? Do I offer to remuneration for the deductible?

WOW first you hold pics get everything documented later you at least beckon someone so you can be reimburst for your stuff ...good luck
YIKES!! I would surmise the FIRST thing would be to determine the sense for the pipe bursting.IF you can establish that it was due to an EXTERNAL problem,later you might have a covering to bring before a court.Otherwise,sounds resembling you and your neighbor have a LOT to bargain about.
i would get ahold of the board, who manage all the condos. and find out . but adjectives condo's and renters should have insurance.. i use to live contained by a condo and it was manitory that we have some type of insurance, but it seems to me that it be not your fault what occur you weren't even home. but talk to and insurance man and find out what can be done. and unsurprisingly the board,
you obligation to find out what caused it. it may be something the condo association is responsible for. but for, you are going to be liable to pay for not solitary your damages but the other condos also. They will not want to claim on their insurance if you are liable, because that will show as a claim on their insurance record. You are most credible going to have to pay cheque for it all
You might want to brace yourself for this.

You are roughly to get the BEJEEZUS sued out of you.

If this happen as you described and the burst pipe in YOUR condo flooded your neighbors condo, next you are responsible to pay their damages. (If the pipe be in a adjectives area...and you'd be astute to pray that it didthen the association would be responsible, but it sounds as if it was inside your condo). And despite what the self professed 'expert' above said...'a sudden and accidental' burst pipe does not absolve you of any liability if it can be proven that the burst (even if it be sudden) was cause by a lack of conservation that you should have be responsible for.

You don't have insurance for this.

Your neighbor may own insurance to cover their loss, but even if their insurance pays for their loss, if it was your denounce, THEIR insurer is going to sue YOU for causing the loss.

But if here are other items that the insurance doesn't pay, similar to inconvenience or non-covered itemsthe neighbors will sue you separately.

Both cases will likely win. So you will expected pay.

If you are lucky, you might be capable of escape under $25,000, but where on earth are you going to come up with that money? You may hold to get another mortgageor perish the thoughtsell the condo to go and get enough change to pay bad the obligations.

This is another distraught example of another hard lesson from the arts school of hard knock.

A condo insurance policy which would have remunerated both to fix your place and replace your damaged contents AND salaried to make your neighbor adjectives again would have cost give or take a few $10-15 a month, depending on where you live.

Pretty cheap considering what you are very soon facing and what you have to lose.
Wow, this sucks.

Grab a copy of your association by-laws and read through the insurance part and see what it say the master policy covers. You won't get any contents coverage as that would own been covered by your own policy, but the master policy follows what the by-laws say it will cover and hopefully that means it'll cover any property impairment to the structure, including your's and the neighbors (not including contents). If your neighbor has a condo policy it'll cover their contents. As far as paying the deductible, that would be a nice trait...as long as the pipe burst is your fault.

In any armour contact the condo association president right away and have them profile a claim with the agent for the master policy.

Good luck.
Oh my. Why do people answer question on here when they don't know what they're talking around?

If the pipe break was sudden and fluky, you have no liability for repairs to your neighbor's part, They should have a condo-owners policy to pinch care of their damages. That is freshly part of the problem beside condo living.

Not knowing what state you are in, edges the information I can give for this grill. In general language, usually the condo assn. is going to be responsible for the damages behind the walls. Your condo policy will rate for damages to your personal property (contents), floor & wall coverings and the like.

Call your condo-owners insurance company and report the claim and tolerate them sort it out. Do not offer to money for anyone elses damages. You are not responsible for that, as long as you didn't do something to create the leak.
I assume you own the condo, and thus would be required to have homeowner's insurance if in attendance is a mortgage on the place. Apparently you rent, but you did not say. If you own, YOU are responsible for repairs if the pipe be coming from say YOUR toilet, kitchen sink, wash-handbasin, laundry, etc. However, you really need to bring a hold of your condo board, a plumber, and an INSURANCE AGENT! Why you don't have insurance is beyond me! Are you crazy? Rhetorical. Even if you rent, you want to have renter's insurance, at smallest for YOUR own belongings. The owner of the condo is NOT repsonsible for your personal stuff. If you do rent, then the owner of the condo is responsible for repairs to both condos (but NOT the personal contents). I suggest you pinch some responsiblity and learn a few things and GET SOME INSURANCE for adjectives mishaps.

Condo insurance covers YOUR stuff, inside your house, and YOUR liability. So your neighbor's insurance isn't going to offer YOU any coverage, unless he CAUSED the pipe to burst - ie, you're going to have to SUE him previously his insurance will pay you for your stuff, and you'll enjoy to WIN.

And you probably won't win, unless he was swinging from the pipes or something.

The MASTER policy might cover some of the interfere with to your structure, however. So you need to contact the condo association head, and file a claim.

You should ALSO ring up an insurance agent, and get a condo policy ASAP. It's CHEAP!! Like below $200 a year.
Condos are a real problem near insurance, even if all party have it.

If you don't enjoy any insurance on your contents, you could be in big trouble. If the pipe that burst be inside your unit (and you are the owner), consequently you are responsible for the maintenance of that pipe (even though it is a adjectives element and falls below the structure of the condo). At least, i.e. my understanding from person on the Board of Directors of a condo corporation.

No matter what, the condo board will start out denying the claim. They won't want to settle it from the corporation's overall insurance policy because claims cause the policy premiums to move about up and that means condo fees jump up. No one likes that.

Your neighbour is object in this. His or her insurance may also junk to pay because the smash up doesn't originate from inside that component; it originated from inside yours.

You beyond doubt have to contact the board or property official as soon as possible. The faster you get folks aware of the issues and prepared to talk to you around next steps, the better.
As long as the pipe be something the association was responsible for (in the wall), they will be resopnsible for repairs. But they will not cover sprain to personal property like, clothes, computer, furniture, mat etc... that is covered by the policy you dont own.

If it was a pipe that you have responibility or control of, like lower than a sink, sorry!