What is the difference between p/c license and personal lines license?

i'm trying to apply for a new insurance errand and one of the requirements states i need a p&c license, if i enjoy already a personal lines do i need to nick a test for the p/c? i though they be the same thing-HELP

There are differences. Personal lines deal with auto and homeowners insurance. Property and casualty insurance (full license) deal with auto/homeowners/commercial/bai... etc. I hold a personal lines license contained by Florida and previously held a full P&C license in Arizona. For more information, check your state's webpage for insurance. You may enjoy to take the larger tryout to have the full p & c license, but, most insurance companies will discharge for that if you have the personal lines already.
There's no such article as a "personal lines" license. There are two types of insurance licenses (not counting investments here) - Life, calamity & health, OR property casualty. Personal lines is usually property casualty - homeowners, auto, boatowners, etc.
Their are many States within our great country that are similar in margin in regard to "Types" of licenses. The majority of them I believe own two types. Life/Health and P/C (property/Casualty. (2) exams.

I believe their are a few States like Florida and Texas that require a breakdown of Casualty exams and property exams by classes. However on this you may want to inquire to your dept of insurance. Personal lines is personal Auto/Homeowners/Boat/Motorcycl... etc. If you hold a P/C license like I hold then you can provide "both" personal and Business lines of insurance.

Personal lines license should also work for p and c, only a duration and health license wouldn't work. However, nearby may be a few states in which a personal lines license does not help out... http://bestinsuranceanswers.info... has some willing links for prospective insurance brokers.
Yes, they are equal thing. P&C stands for property and casualty. Good Luck