What do you think about working for Primerica? Pros and Cons?

it's a joke!
multi-level marketing scheme, right?

1) You get to own the business when you become RVP
2) You create your own schedule
3) Great way to earn some extra income
4) Very low capital needed. You don't pay rent, you don't pay employees, and you don't need to buy office equipment.
5) You earn bonuses (overrides) everytime your team does a sale
6) Full support system
7) You can fill out life insurance applications in your palm pilot (avoids all paper clutter). Other products are in the works of becoming digitize.
8) Unlimited income potential.
9) Unlimited territories. You can expand and build your business in any state including Puerto Rico. You can even expand into Canada, UK, and Spain.
10) Feeling of being good every time you help out a client.

1) You have to work. Thinking about it is not going to get you anywhere.
2) Not everyone is going to join you.
3) Some won't do business with you.
4) You have to study and get your licenses
5) Some people will say negative things, but you know the truth and they don't.
6) Friends and family will try to bring you down to their level, which is being broke. Don't you just hate people who complain about money?
7) You do research on the internet and come across sites that say bad things about Primerica. But you should know none of them are clients. Its really agents from other companies.
8) You need to pay $199 to start the business. If you can't afford $199, then whatever you are doing isn't working.
9) Not a get quick rich-scheme. It requires patience and effort to get this business going.
10) Very difficult to stay positive when the world around you is very negative.
Think of the Tupperware of insurance companies. The good thing that Primerica does is give people an opportunity who might never have thought of insurance as a career. The bad thing is that you'll have to sell to friends and neighbors to get started, and you'll have to believe that selling them Primerica life insurance products is a valuable service, in order to sleep at night. Attend a couple of meetings with whoever is recruiting you and realize that the majority of those who are attending are the tiny fraction who have succeeded. Very many are recruited who are not successful, but the recruiter and Primerica don't care--even the unsuccessful will have sold something!
Some Insurance is better than no Insurance, that is true, but Primarica is one (if not the worse)company I know. "buy term" "invest the rest" well just like your shoe may not fit me that same goes for life insurance. The same solution is not the right answer for all the problems. As you already know Americans have a problem saving, investing is a difficult thing to understand for an average person and having to sell to you families a friend a "premium"(life insurance is a need not a premium) is a lot worse than not inviting them to your wedding.
Run away ... run as fast as you can.

Primerica sells a one size fits all financial strategy and their product - insurance, mortgages and mutual funds are overpriced.

If you are interested in the financial services business, go talk to lots of other firms.

If you want to learn more about Primerica, visit www (dot) financial-planning (dot) com and search on Primerica. You will get an earful - mostly bad.
If you want all of your friends and family to hesitate before they answer the phone when your caller ID is showing, then go for it!

Also, they use a strategy of refinancing people's homes in order to afford financial products--whether someone needs a refi or not.

I'm not to impressed with their strategy.