Will my insurance pay cheque for chimney repair?

I have be told that it is unsafe as its leaning into subsequent door- the affected bit is above the roof and within the loft. It looks like it have declined next to age to this point.
Will I have to stump up the bread or will my buildings insurance cover it? I know I should look in my policy, but can't find it!
Any guidance gratefully recieved!

Phone your insurance company.It might simply cover accidental mischief and not wear and tear.
Good luck.
Better find it.
I am sorry to say if it is a 'gradually operating cause' such as nonspecific wear and tear next you would not be covered as it is a homeowners responsibility/duty to maintain the property.

For nearby to be a valid claim there have to have be an insured 'event' such as storm, fire, lightning strike etc. as per your policy booklet. Insurance is there to cover 'unexpected events' and broad deterioration is not 'unexpected' it is inevitable over time and therefore largely uninsurable.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news- but i would recommend that you still discuss it near your insurer.
Call your insurer and ask them to send you a copy of your policy. Or simply ask them if they cover it.
If its common wear and tear and age, later no your insurance will not cover it, thats down to you as the householder to maintain your property not your insurance company. If you still try to claim through your insurance, they will more than credible send someone to investigate and report support on the condition of what remains of the chimney and if it goes posterior as wear and tear, they will deny the claim consequently, but you will have misspent time in getting the issue rectify before it cause damage to someone else property, thats abandonment and your neighbours insurers may come to you to pay for any repairs that may arise from the possibility of it collapsing and cause them damage
give the name your insurance agent, and ask them. Both of my parents are insurance agents at a small, independent brokerage in California, and at hand are some things that are specifically excluded from insurance covered repairs. Your agent would know exactly what your policy covers. In the sources section, I've coupled to the home page of the insurance agency where my parents work.
Just an evaluation, maybe an insurance creature will give you an answer. Usually not on things that are newly getting old and deteriorating. If the elements knock it over or a tree fell on it or a chimney fire or it caved within and wrecked the room then I would chew over so after the deductible is paid. Have you gone to the insurance carrier's network site to see if there are any nonspecific helpful hints. Good luck.
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why don't you phone your insurance company and see if it's covered in your policy since you own misplaced yours.
Most likely, unless you can prove it be due to an 'unforeseen natural even or fire' you will probably hold to pony up the cash for the repairs. If the problem is attributed to age and/or poor workmanship or termites or wood rot, etc. later this was an event that could hold been prevented near proper treatment, minor repair earlier, extermination, etc. Therefore insurance won't cover it.

I would suggest however that you christen you insurance agent and ask them to send you a copy of your policy. Keep within mind you want the LAST version that you SIGNED and agreed to. Once you bring back that policy in mitt, read through and see if you have a claim. Then brand name the claim. Do not ask the insurance agent if it's a valid claim.. remember he/she doesn't work for you. Any claim that you have will dance against his commission level on premiums salaried so he/she will probably tell you not to directory. Besides if you file a claim the worse that can begin is they deny the claim so it won't cost anything to try.

Good luck and I hope this helps.
im sure you will own to pay for this one as it is not a insurance as it is beside age and not like storm dammage exra
This is a continuation issue, wear and tear. This will not be covered by your homeowners policy. Sorry to be the bearer of discouraging news...
Any 'gradually operating cause' (ie erosion, wear and break over time which has gone un-corrected) would not largely be covered by any insurance policy.

That said, it never hurts to ask - contact your insurer or broker for definitive advice.
I am sorry to let somebody know you but the information you have given manner that you will have to earnings for this - how ever I would ask for a roofer to tell you what have gone wrong just within case, next when you have this effect of damage report run it from there. If gradual deteriorate, age later not covered. But the catch 22 here is the work have need of to be done.
What have caused the chimney to be unsafe? If it be an earthquake then that would be covered - if it is deficiency of maintenance later that would not be (and if the chimney falls your liability may not be covered as you have messed up to keep the property surrounded by a sound state of repair and so be within breach of the policy conditions)

An insurance policy is NOT a maintenance contract
ask your building insurer's, they should do, but all depends on your policies exclusions
i doubt that your insurance will cover it, but you should talk next to your insurance agent just to trademark sure.
I would read aloud not, the daft thing is if it fell down through glorious wind later yes you would be covered...the basics of insurance as the signature suggests is that it covers potential unforseen risks....if the chimney is leaning it is not unforseen that it will spatter down,,,,get it repaired