I received an insurance check made out to me and the mortgage co. I involve to brass it. what can i do?


The mortgage company would have to countersign. Since the mortgage company is bit owner (of a house, I'm assuming?) they would need to approve the gift. If you are making regular, on-time, payments, then nearby should be no problem and they will be more than willing to countersign. Go see your loan officer. Unless the check is for some main destruction to the house, in which satchel they will probably want to know how it affects the overall value of the house (and surrounded by this case, the advantage of their loan to you.)
deposit it into the sandbank
Well, you bring it to the mortgage company to sign off on it, and you own to prove to them that the work is substantially done before they will. Bring photos and contracts beside the repair people.
Ideally, you need an agent of the company to prop up the check so you can do the same and afterwards deposit it wherever. You really should basically check with the mortgage company. Depending on how the insurance is setup and what it's paying for, they might go and get the bulk of it (e.g. if you're replacing a house that was destroyed, they might receive their money first to pay sour the remainder of the mortgage you owe them and you get the difference, if any). If the check is to fix/repair a portion of some property, it's possible the mortgage company won't need to touch the money...but you'll still entail to get them to agree the check somehow.
You need to own the mortgage company stamp an endorsement on the hindmost. If not, the check will bounce. If you have to do this through the communication, just be sure you don't sign it first. Also, after you've get both endorsements, the ridge may have you deposit the check and linger for it to clear before giving you currency. Insurance claim checks are notorious contained by the banking industry for coming fund unpaid.